Thursday, May 13, 2010

The worst bus service EVER !!!!

Dec 2009

It was the worst travel experience I ever had in my life. The buses shown on Indo Canadian bus service' website are not the buses they run on the road to provide the service. YUP!!!

First off all when you arrive at the Delhi airport, you will have hard time finding these guys because they not wearing any uniform or holding anything that you can recognize that they are from Indo Canadian bus service. Secondly,you will have to wait untill they get enough people to fill the seats. So it could be hours before the bus will leave the airport because they wait for other people coming to the airport from different flights , I had to sit for another 4 hours after almost 16 hours long flight from Toronto And this was just the beginning.

Anyways, after 4 hours bus finally left the airport and just half hour after being on the road the bus got heated . So guess what...they had to park the bus again until they got it fixed.

Once we got out the city and came onto the higway ( or little faster and less busy road i should say) Bus was so noisy and it was shaking so bad that no body was sure it will actually make it to the destination. did make it to its destination , it just took 14 Hours to reach Jalandhar from Delhi. .....????????

Driver stopped the bus at many restaurants and wasted everyone's time only because they get some commission for stopping by at these places. These restaurants will usually pay them something because they are bringing customers.

I do not understand the logic behind this bad service. Its not that this company does not charge enough for the service so they cant be bothered to provide what they promised. My advise to the company is that If you have to charge few more dollars, then do that but do not frustrate people who are already tired from a long flight from Canada.

AND THE WORST THING IS, when i got back from India I contacted this guy Kulvir (he runs this whole thing from Toronto) and emailed to tell him about my experience. I specifically asked to get back to me and I YET have to hear from somebody. It has 3 months since i emailed him.

I WILL NEVER be traveling in these extraordinary LUXURY COACHES ever in my life again. and I WOULD NOT recommend to use this service to any one unless i want them dead. It was a complete disaster. I actually took the pictures so people could see the condition of these luxury coaches in case you were not aware of them but i realized i deleted them mistakenly.

I think people should STOP supporting these crooks. DO NOT give them any business if you have the choice to reach to your place some other way. This is the only way we can teach these crooks a good lesson.